About Mike Green

Mike Green Instructor Bio University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp

Mike got into web development at a young age, building simple websites for his parents’ nonprofit work and whatever bands he found himself playing in during his middle and high school years (back in the dark days of GeoCities, frames, and tables).

Later on, after bouncing around between various dead end jobs, it finally occurred to him that he might be able to put his web skills to work for a better career and future for himself. He landed an internship at an NJ graphic design and marketing agency in 2007 and began to eat, sleep, and breathe code, eventually working his way up to a position as the agency’s senior developer.

In addition to teaching, Mike works for ePublishing, Inc. as their Senior Front-end Developer: constructing sites for customers in the publishing industry, managing the company’s front-end build tools and JS codebase, mentoring junior developers, and solving problems big and small throughout the software stack. He also assists in the interview, hiring, and onboarding process for new developers on the front-end team.

Fun Facts:

  • He lives outside of Richmond with his lovely wife, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 24 mischievous chickens on an aspiring microfarm
  • He won a 2014 Graphic Design USA Web Design Award for his work on a mobile-friendly website
  • In his spare time, he enjoys building machines to automate tasks around the farm, 3D printing useful items, and gold prospecting adventures with his wife