About Dimitri Bilenken

Dimitri Bilenken Instructor Bio University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp

Dimitri Bilenkin has lived most of his life in New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers with a BS in Computer Science. That was long, long ago. Woolly mammoths had recently gone extinct and Brendan Eich had just created JavaScript in 10 days.

He’s been employed as a software engineer / full-stack developer for many years. He started with a bit of C++ then a healthy pile of Java, a sprinkle of Ruby, a splash of Python, and then lots of JavaScript. He has messed around with genetic algorithms and created a few mobile apps/games in his free time.

After 20+ years, he is still constantly learning, because he loves it, and because it is a necessity! More recently, he’s been doing front-end dev and has embraced its feverish pace of change. This is a very exciting time for web development!

Fun Facts:

  • He moved to the Richmond area in 2016
  • He currently works as a Software Engineer Tech Lead at Capital One
  • He enjoys running, sometimes quite far, one time 50 miles, but not too fast
  • He’s been married for over 20 years and has 4 children ages 4 to 19